MRISA Basketball Rules

Rule Book:


  1. Warm-up
  • Warm-up will be 10 minutes (time permitting), managed by Game Director.

     2. Game Period

  • Games are 4 x 7 minute stop time quarters, with 2 minutes in between quarters, and 5 minutes for halftime.
  • Teams have 10 seconds to bring a live ball from the back court into the front court.
  • Overtime will be 3 minutes in length (stop time). In Round Robin play, if the score remains tied after 1st OT, a subsequent overtime period termed “sudden death” will follow, with the first team to score (2 points) will be declared winner. Overtime periods for medal games (1st through 3rd place) will not be decided by sudden death, but consecutive overtime periods of 2 minutes will be played until a winner is declared. There will be a 2 minute break between subsequent overtime periods.

     3. Court Specifications

  • All levels of MRISA Basketball will use a 3 point line which measures 19’9” / 6.02m from the center of the basket. 
  • All levels of MRISA Basketball will use a Restricted Area (Key or Lane) which is 12’ / 3.6m wide. 

    4. Defense

  • Teams may not press if ahead by more than 20 points.
  • Junior teams must return to the half-court line before playing defense. They cannot implement a full-court press, except in the last 4 minutes of the last quarter and any subsequent overtime periods.

   5. Timeout (p24 FIBA Rule Book)

   6. Round Robin Tie-Break Procedure – In the event of teams being tied at the end of the round robin stage, the tournament will use the following tie-break system:

  • Point differential between tied teams.
  • Teams (head to head) with no credit for more than 15-point difference/game.
  • Point differential in all games with no credit for more than 15-point difference/game.
  • Least amount of points conceded between tied teams.
  • Least amount of points conceded in all games.
  • Coin toss.
  • Note: In a 3-way tie, once one team has been eliminated you continue to work through the tie-break system. You do NOT return to the top of the tie-break system. 

   7. Equipment

    The following equipment will be required:

   Official game ball:  Junior boys and girls will use the 28.5 ball (size 6).